World War 3,Time Traveler from 2043 Warns

Jiddat Web Desk ,Feb 27,2018 ::: A time traveler from 2043 has come back in time to warn the people about World War 3 and the future of Donald Trump.There is a video that has been posted on YouTube where a man Michael Phillips talks about future and how he has traveled in time. The claim by Mr. Phillips is that he was born in 2043 and he further claims that he knows about the biggest threats to humanity in upcoming years.The time traveler says that in 2019 a nuclear war will start between the current superpower the USA and North Korea. The war will end with the killing of Kim Jong-Un by America’s nuclear cruise.This war will then lead to World War 3 in 2020. He said,  “Thankfully it was a limited war. .”A prediction about Elon Musk’s Space X is that it will land on Mars around 2020 as well.Now, most of the people don’t believe this all. Ben Ferrarez a YouTube user said, “This seems like total nonsense – sure it might happen, but obviously this guy has no idea.Russia and China were against the UK and America and a few other countries and it was, all in all, it was a very fast but brutal war. Countless millions were killed. Nuclear weapons were used, but just in a limited capacity thankfully – just battlefield weapons.”About Donald Trump, the traveler claims that he will win another term in power. Adding, “Donald Trump clung to power for two terms. He tried for three, but he was impeached and then Oprah Winfrey tried to be president. She didn’t succeed. Then it was a man called Michael Macintosh, but that was in the mid to late 2020.

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