Trump’s new policy against Chaman borders Tribesmen stage protest at Torkham

Protesters from Khyber Agency marched their way towards the Torkham border while holding Pakistan flags. The Pak-Afghan border crossings at Chaman and Torkham saw an incursion of tribesmen, political workers and members of the civil society protesting against the US’s new policy for the region, US President Donald Trump had demanded that Pakistan “stop offering safe haven to agents of chaos”, while pleasing India to provide new fiscal help and development to Afghanistan. As a reaction to the US president’s statement, a large number of people from diverse parts of Khyber Agency gathered at Hamza Baba ground in Landi Kotal before heading towards Torkham border, , where flag waving tribesmen passed through the city and chanted slogans Police also used water cannons against the protesting students.where they staged the protest’s number of pedestrians holding Pakistan flags, including members of the Sikh community, also made their way towards the border, along with scores of vehicles. Meanwhile, the Bab-i-Pakistan gate on the Pak-Afghan Border at Torkhum has been shut closed for all type of movement. The security sources said that the border closure came about as a preemptive step in light of the rally., tribesmen and members of civil society gathered near the near the Pak-Afghan border to voice their concerns regarding the US president’s speech. A protest rally was also taken out in Baluchistan’s Kohlu

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