Syed Ziaul Qamar Noted TV recitalist Prof pass away

The Edwardes College professor was known for in performance character actor role attired in western dress in Pashto dramas Prof Qamar was diagnosed with multiple myeloma and admitted to the North West Teaching Hospital in Peshawar where he passed away.Prof Qatar started his teaching occupation at the Edwardes College in 1964 after completing his masters’ degree in English literature from the University of Peshawar.He tired 41 years coaching in the college. He also taught at the Institute of Management Sciences, Peshawar, for some time. During his teaching years at the Edwards College, he also worked in the state-run PTV, the then only TV channel, and performed usually character actor role attired in western dresses in Pashto drama. Though he had a excitement for acting, his old students commit to recall him for his literary excellence. Prof Old students of the Edwards College had a great praise and reverence for the dear teacher who departed.“Death of Prof Ziaul Qamar is end of an era of academic, social, and civilizing life in Peshawar. Will be missed by many people. Rest in Peace!” tweeted officer Afrasiab Khattak. Prof Qamar is survive by an elderly wife and two daughters.

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