Pakistan Metereological Department

Surging temperature amidst absence of breeze makes life difficult in Karachi

KARACHI:Director, Pakistan Metereological Department, Karachi office,Abdul Rashid said on Thursday that the current heat wave in Karachi is expected tosubside by Saturday as the low air pressure may return to normalleading to resumption of sea breeze. He said the mercury rose to 41 degrees celsius in Karachi Thursday noon with little respite in the latter hours turningclimatic conditions all the more unbearable in the absence of seabreeze the coastal city is known for. Experts talking to APP attributed the intense weather conditionto low pressure in the Arabian Sea causing humidity and surge in dayas well as night temperatures. “Since there is minimum temperature difference, often below threedegree celsius, during day and night hours hence risk to get inflictedwith heatwave has increased manifold,” said Dr.Muhammad Tofique,Director Health Services, Karachi. In the given situation, he said citizens were being repeatedlyadvised to enhance their fluid intake, preferably water, and to avoidunnecessary sun exposure. “This is prerequisite to avoid dehydration a common healthrelated condition with severe implications,” said the official. Agreeing that suggestion not to move out of cool environment maynot be possible for large majority of the citizens, the official saidthey can always keep their head covered with a wet towel or piece ofcloth. Wearing light colored clothes, preferably cotton is also highlyrecommended, he said advising citizens to consume simple food andseasonal fruits that may not be necessarily expensive. “There are simple interventions we can resort to and avoid severecondition harming our health,” said Dr. Tofique. “Adequate water intake and light but nutritious food comprisingcurd, vegetable and fruits provide us natural protection,” heemphasised advising people to curtail high intake of meat and oil. As for arrangements made by the authorities in Karachi, he saideach and every healthcare facility managed by KMC is on high alertwith provision for heatstroke management units. “These measures are part of our regular intervention adoptedduring summers so as to avert any untoward incident,” he said. To another query, he said professionals associated with KMChospitals, health centers and clinics are also made to undergorefresher programs on regular basis to handle possible cases ofheatwave. “This time of year our efforts are paying off as cases are beingefficiently handled right from first level of care to tertiarylevels,” he said.

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