Supreme Court orders KP government to reopen four crisis centers for women

The Supreme Court (SC), while hearing a case regarding the matter on Khyber KPK government’s appeal, ordered that the four Women Crisis Centers in KP should be reopened. The KP government had turned to the SC against the Peshawar High Court’s (PHC) order to reopen the centers. The PHC had given the orders when the women running in these centers had asked that the centers should be reopened. While discarding the KP government’s demand, a three-judge bench led by Justice Dost Muhammad, decided that the centers should be reopened. While giving remarks in the case, Justice Dost Muhammad said: “These centers need to be reopened as Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf took votes for their promise of empowering women in the province.”They boast of being the party with the largest female presence, following the closure, the women working at these crisis centers moved the PHC that these centers be reopened. Deciding in the women’s favor, the PHC had ordered for the reopening of the centers. The PHC’s decision drove the KP government to appeal in the SC against the reopening of the centers while citing the lack of funds as the motivation for the closure of the crisis centers.

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