Samsung Galaxy S10, LG G8, Google Pixel 4 or 5G iPhone X,5G Smartphones in Pakistan

Jiddat Web Desk ,Feb 26, 2018 ::The world has seen the power of 4G internet, speed, and great performance. Now we are looking forward to the next advanced internet speed option which is 5G technology.Almost all the leading smartphone makers and tech companies are currently testing 5G technology. In Pakistan, PTA has directed all telecom companies to start testing 5G services.So we come to question, which will be the first 5G-enabled Smartphone that we will see in Pakistan. Let us look at some of the options.

Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10

Samsung announced that it will launch its first 5G phone, tech by 2019. If this is the case we can expect either Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10 to be the first 5G enabled smartphone.

As Samsung Galaxy S9 has already launched at MWC in 2018, in 2019 the expectations are that S10 might be Samsung’s or even world’s first 5G-enabled smartphone.

If Samsung is not able to finalize its 5G tech soon, it is also likely that Samsung will introduce its 5G enabled phone in shape of Note 10 by autumn 2019.

It is a possibility that in Pakistan Samsung Galaxy S10 or Note 10 will be the first 5G smartphones to be released by 2019.


There are news and rumors suggesting that LG might be the first company to launch a 5G smartphone. The company is testing high-speed internet and has got good results. It is likely that in LG’s G series, LG G8 might be the first 5G-enabled smartphone. Let us hope that the phone will launch soon all over the world and in Pakistan.

Google Pixel 4

It is expected that Google Pixel 3 will launch in 2018 but it won’t be a 5G-enabled phone. 5G enabled smartphones are expected in 2019, so we can hope that Google Pixel 4 will have 5G support. Google Pixel 4 will launch in Pakistan hopefully by October or November 2019.

5G iPhone X

While the rest of the companies are working with Qualcomm for 5G tech, Apple, after it’s dispute with Qualcomm, is working with Intel to bring highly fast 5G iPhone X smartphone in the market.

As per Fast Company, Apple and Intel experts have started working on 5G technology and we can soon hope for a new iPhone 5G device in Pakistan.

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