Primary education a must to bring Transgender to mainstream:Experts

ISLAMABAD: Though Allama Iqbal Open University’s offer of free education to transgender from metric to PhD have convinced Average Joes but the social and education gurus have called it a pie in the sky since the segment is not brought in to primary education system for broad-based development. “The majority of the transgender do not reach metric level because they are not entertained as normal human beings by the regular schools at primary level and this discrimination leads to almost their zero enrollments in basic institutions”,  said Professor of Socialogy Dr. Tahir Khan, University of Peshawar. Regretting the approach, he said early fourteen years are a ripe time and this laxity forces the transsexual to opt unpleasant professions later in the life making them discriminatory creatures.

Dr Tahir, in a greater social interest, also suggested establishing independent institutions for them to ensure they are groomed as productive instruments in a free and healthy environment.

Qamar  Waseem  head of Blue Veins,  an NGO working on Trans’ rights, said this segment is so vulnerable that it is being used by social crooks as disguised agents to indulge them in immoral trades. ” They are enticed towards dancing, drug dealing and sinful professions for not being trained to earn through dignified jobs. “We are nobody’s pain nobody’s liability. The house where we took birth is even reluctant to own us. We are disgraced creatures and punished for an uncommitted sin” these were the painful remarks of a eunuch Shazia,  at Guru’s Dera in Rawalpidni,  when asked why they leave their houses. Shazia said, “it is society’s belief that we are born like this on our own will and deserve to be treated like that.”  Another eunuch said they were inspired by their Guru (referring to Ilmas Boby) who has reinforced them to get education for a respectable status in society. The Director Schools, Federal Directorate of Education (FDE), said no case is reported at the time of admission at our institutions to mark identity of a gender other than male-female to make it a case for separate institutions for transgender. He however offered his institutions to educate adult third gender in the evening times if they are willing. His department will ensure free education for them with trained staff, he added.  Molana Rahat Hussain, ex-senator and Deputy General of JUI-F stressed for more legislation and social optimism to bring this neglected class in to the main stream.  He said parents where these people are born are the most responsible entity to make them strong and positive social characters through pure Islamic teachings and principles.

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