Pizza Hut has introduced sneakers that allows the users to order pizza

Jiddat Web Desk  ,March 7,2018 ::The most well-loved and famous firm Pizza Hut has introduced sneakers that allows the users to order pizza with a single push of a button which is implanted inside the sneakers along with the option to let you pause the Live TV.Pizza Hut has paired with The Shoe Surgeon and has unveiled Pie Top II—the smartest sneakers of all that allows its wearers to order pizza just by pressing on the shoes with the aid of Bluetooth technology. Once the pizza arrives, the wearer of the sneakers could then pause the live TV in order to go and collect the meal, and that without missing on the show or movies.The pair of sneakers could get paired with the wearer’s smartphone and a Pie Tops apps for both the Android and iOS users. With just a push of a button which is present on the tongue of the right shoe, the deal from Pizza Hut of $5.99 could be ordered. The deal comprises of two-topping medium pizzas. The app could be accessed for verifying the order and the delivery address.Additionally, another button on the tongue of left shoe would permit the wearer to pause live TV when the pizza arrives at the door, thus letting the wearer to not miss anything.As per the reports of USA Today, DVR receivers from different companies including Spectrum, Fros and Dish, DirecTV and Xfinity would support the shoes.The company would be manufacturing fifty pairs of sneakers initially and they would be available in white and red colour. The shoes would go on online retail sale from the 19th of March, however the price of the shoes has not yet been disclosed by the pizza company, as per the reports ofEngadget.


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