Passengers were offloaded from the PIA plane.But Why?

Jiddat Web Desk ,March 6, 2018 ::On the Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) flight a business class passenger apparently attacked another passenger while the plane was boarding. This incident occurred in Lahore on Saturday. Both the passengers were offloaded from the plane.As per the eyewitnesses and the Airport Security Force (ASF) sources, a female passenger yelled at another female passenger near the entrance of the plane and later when she was inside the plan attacked her.According to the eyewitnesses, the attacking woman was a middle-aged lady who atta on a twenty-something victim. The middle-aged woman gave her victim a brutal spanking, tore her clothes and attacked her with glasses she took from a stewardess’s trolley.The ASF sources informed that the victim who is supposedly believed to belong both to the pilot of the plane and to her attacker, tried going to the cockpit after getting verbally abused, however, she was stopped by the attacking lady, who then apparently wrestled with her.The eyewitnesses said that the attacker’s husband was also present at the time of incident, but he did not intervene to stop his wife although he was constantly asked by the bystanders to do so.The fight caused delay in the flight by thirty-five minutes, as informed by the Airport Security Force.After the reports of the incident started reaching out to masses via social media, Pakistan International Airline tweeted informing that the attacker had been handed over to the ASF by the airline.As per ASF sources, no charges had been pressed against any of the individual involved in the incident.

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