Pakistan deserves world’s acknowledgment for counter terrorism efforts; “do more” is unrealistic: Experts

PESHAWAR, Sept 15: Noted security and foreign relations experts have urged the world community to acknowledge counter terrorism efforts of Pakistan by strengthening its hands for final elimination of this global menace as “do more” demand by US president is unjustified at this crucial decisive juncture.  Defence Analyst Brigadier (R) Mehmood Shah and former Secretary Security FATA told APP that anti-Pakistan remarks by the US President Donald Trump were unjustified and tantamount to ignoring our sacrifices in the war on terror.  “We should not rely on one country rather need to expend and strengthen our bilateral relations with regional, Muslims and other countries including China, Russia, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia for attainment of the desired goals,” he said.  To live with honour and dignity, he said, we need to strengthen our economy by exploring new vistas and markets for our exports.  “The repeated demands of “do more” is unrealistic as people and security forces of Pakistan had rendered matchless sacrifices in the war against terrorism.”  A peaceful, stable and developed Afghanistan was in the interest of Pakistan as security situation in the landlocked country has a direct effect on Islamabad.  Brigadier Shah said regional countries had also vital stakes in Afghanistan and their positive and pro-active role was also imperative to address the longstanding Afghans crisis.  “Pakistan has been hosting over 3 million Afghan refugees since Soviet invasion in Afghanistan in 1979 and our people had shared their houses, jobs, schools, hospitals and roads etc with them during last four decades.”  Despite the fact that such a large number of Afghan refugees have overburdened Pakistan with numerous social, economic and financial problems besides exerting extra pressure on our  education and health system, industries and economy, the people and Government of Pakistan extended unabated assistance and relief to them during hour of needs that was unprecedented in the world. Brigadier Shah said it was unfortunate that Afghanistan did not fulfill its promise regarding repatriation of Afghan refugees and we continued to look after them despite our limited resources.  “Indeed, it is the responsibility of Afghan Government and US to help Pakistan by making special arrangements for the quick and dignified return of Afghans refugees to their home country,” Brigadier Mehmood Shah maintained.   “Afghan refugees will have to leave Pakistan what come may and time has come that Ashraf Ghani’s Government should take solid steps by creating jobs opportunities and provide secure environment to them ,” he said.  To a question about US President’s announcement of sending additional troops to Afghanistan, Brigadier Mehmood said when over one lakh foreign troops can’t establish peace in the landlocked country during last 16 years how 4,000 US troops would bring triumph for the world power.  “The foreign forces had failed to restore peace in Afghanistan. Use of military power proved no solution to Afghan conflict. The only solution to Afghan conflict is political dialogue by engaging all the stakeholders to dialogue table including Taliban,” he said, adding Afghan war can’t be fought on Pakistani soil.  Referring to the recent statement of Afghan ambassador in Islamabad, he said, Pakistan’s security concerns have to be addressed by Afghan Government. Pakistan can’t overlook its security concerns in the wake of arrest of Indian RAW Agent Kulboshan Yadav from Balochistan.  He said decisive action against terrorists’ sanctuaries across the western border was urgently required to stop cross border attacks inside Pakistan’s soil as people still remember the gruesome attacks and massacres of innocent students and teachers at APS Peshawar and Bacha Khan University Charsadda.  Rustam Shah Mohmand, former Ambassador of Pakistan in Afghanistan claimed that about 40 percent areas of Afghanistan were not under the control of Afghan government and it was the responsibility of Afghan President Ashraf Ghani to establish its Government writ first.  He said Afghan leadership needs to facilitate their people by providing them accommodation, health and education, communication and infrastructure development and last but not the least concentrate on good governance, creating jobs opportunities for youth, eradicating terrorism rather blaming others for their failure.  Rushad Shah said for Afghan conflict a broad-based politically negotiated settlement owned by Afghan people was required for bringing lasting peace to the war ravaged country.  He said now time has come that Afghan Government should honour its promises by taking tangible measures for dignified repatriation of their refugees.  Dr A Z Hilali, Chairman Political Science Department University of Peshawar told APP that Pakistan has gone the extra mile in war against terror and took into a decisive stage, adding that Islamabad had invested millions of rupees in mega uplift projects in Afghanistan to help in reconstruction of their country and early repatriation of refugees.  Referring to Afghan ambassador’s recent statement that Pakistan should not worry about Kabul-New Dehli closeness, Dr Hilali said, Pakistan’s security concerns were right as the increased influence of India in Afghanistan was reflecting from their statements.  India’s role in destabilizing peace in Balochistan and carrying out bloodshed in Karachi was confessed by RAW spy Kalboshan. These evidences should be more than enough for Kabul to consider the fact that Pakistan’s security concerns were right.  He said Afghan issue could not be addressed by making Pakistan a scapegoat. A political solution owned by all factions of Afghans was required to bring lasting peace to the war ravaged country and in the region as well instead of dragging Afghan war to our soil, he maintained.

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