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Online Grocery Shop Launching Soon HUM Network

Jiddat Web Desk , Feb 22, 2018 ::HUM Network, a renowned TV channel of Pakistan is entering the online shopping business. The entertainment channel is now looking to explore new horizons. Hum TV is ready to enter e-commerce industry by launching its online grocery company called HUM Mart (Pvt).The board of directors of Hum Network decided in a meeting to launch a company that will work as a subsidiary.In Pakistan E-Commerce is booming. In a layman’s terms e-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through internet. Now as more and more people in Pakistan are using phones, the internet users are increasing in the country, many have started to prefer online shopping.  In Pakistan, it is expected that by 2020 the market value of e-commerce will reach $1 billion. The government of Pakistan is also facilitating investors and startups to invest in this business.Coming to HUM Network and its progress over the years, without a doubt it is the leading entertainment channel in Pakistan today. In the first half of 2017-18 fiscal year, Hum Network made record profit of Rs 536 million. This is a huge achievement by Hum.Today Hum Network is not just looking to develop an online grocery store but is also eyeing to launch a new channel called HUM News. The HUM Network started hiring for it new channel a few months back.The group is not only preparing to set up an online grocery company but it is also in the final stages of launching its news channel, HUM News, in the next few months. For this, the hiring of news staff and production team has almost concluded in all major cities.HUM network has been part of Pakistani television for more than a decade. They introduced a cooking channel, a style fashion channel and an entertainment channel, now a new channel and an online grocery store will launch soon as well.

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