Nayatel brings state of the art cloud services with affordable price

Jiddat Web Desk ,March 8,2018 ::Nayatel, Pakistan’s distinguished Fiber to the Home (FTTH) Internet Service Provider, offers state of the art cloud services with 24×7 support at an affordable price. NCloud is an intelligent solution that makes cloud computing easier for the users.Users only have to provide information regarding the number of computers (RAM, CPU) and Storage requirements. Nayatel’s support team of seasoned engineers, with expertise in IT, Cloud, and Internet security ensure that user needs are met through uninterrupted support.Price:…………..NCloud is a highly scalable service, with Standard and Premium storage packages, starting from Rs. 2,999 only. Users can easily calculate the price for customized packages with NCloud’s online cost calculator.Features:…………

  • Flexible and scalable provisioning of virtual machines in the user’s Virtual Data Centre hosted at NCloud.
  • A highly interactive interface where users can provision, decommission, resize, and migrate any instances and volumes.
  • Protection of sensitive data with need-based customized security policies.
  • Can be utilized as a Virtual Private Server (VPS) as well.
  • Access controls to add/remove network interfaces, routers etc.
  • Premium storage plan ensures data protection with redundant storages at distinct datacenters to avoid data loss in case of uncalled for circumstances.How to Activate:……….To subscribe to NCloud send an email with your registered email address to


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