Most expensive Photographer being hired for Imran Khan’s Photo-Shoot, here’s the truth.

Jiddat Web Desk ::The guy seen here is Irfan Ahson( yes the guy all brides dream to get photographed by), so there’s been chatter about PM hiring the most expensive photographer in Pakistan for his official portrait.
Just so we set a few facts straight:
Fact#1 : Irfan was chosen purely based on his portfolio by team IK considering importance of the picture and someone being good enough to be able to do justice to it.. which means purely on merit, PM had no personal preferences and didn’t give any input!
Fact#2 : Irfan didn’t charge a magical as it may sound to many!
Fact#3 : When he was asked about the money bit his response was “IK’s austerity drive for Pakistan is such a big step..please consider it my contribution to his austerity drive! “.. now that’s something we don’t get to hear alot!
Fact#4 : Irfan’s professionalism through the whole process was amazing considering the kind of feathers he has in his hat already, he was well prepared with his homework done and willing to go any length to get that one great nakhra. Traveling all the way from Lahore to get a few shots in 2.5 minutes due to last minute changes in PM’s packed schedule!
Fact#5 : His collaboration skills are as good as you’d expect from Irfan Ahson.. he has worked closely with team IK and ensured every single word goes right!
Irfan congratulations! You deserved to take these historic pictures and did pure justice given the circumstances!

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