KitKat voted world’s best chocolate bar

Jiddat wib Disk  , Feb,17, 2018 ::As per the‘s survey the chocolate covered wafer-treat—KitKat has defeated many strong contenders and has attained the topmost rank in the survey and has been voted for as the world’s best chocolate bar, followed by Twix on number two and then Snickers ranking at the third spot.Chocolate preferences is a personal thing and vary from person to person. Some love Bounty whereas some are the die-hard fans of Toblerone, then there is Mars, Milkyway, Kisses, Snickers and the list goes on and on. Among the list of these amazing chocolates I missed out on a name and that is none other than KitKat. The humblest chocolate of all.The list criterion for the chocolates is updated on a continuous basis on the ranker’s site through an online voting system. The criteria state that the chocolate must be in bar form thus putting a ban on cups, bits, pieces, eggs, balls or patties from the making of the final verdict.Hundred thousand people and more voted for the Nestle’s favourite heavenly snack treat as their most favourite.The number one spot attainment by the chocolate bar also owes to the reason that KitKat is available more extensively in different parts of the world where its competitors are not that easily available for purchase.Additionally, the Nestle bar is rich when it comes to the choices of flavour variations, as it has got abundant options to offer.Anyway, everyone has a different choice of flavours and different tastes appeals differently to different people, so KitKat might not be the best chocolate choice for you.So, whatever snack treat delights you the most is around take a break with it and keep loving it because your choice matters!

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