Karachi’s rural population increases by over 275pc in census

While the urban population of Karachi division comprising six districts has increased by over 63 per cent since the previous census conducted in the country 19 years ago, a surge of over 275pc was recorded in the rural population of the division during the corresponding stage. In the 1998 census, the total population of Karachi division was 9.856 million — 9.44m urban population and 407,510 rural population. However, according to the provisional results of the 2017 census, the total population of Karachi division is 16.051m with 1.14m rural inhabitants — about triple that of 1998’s figures — and 14.91m urban population. The provisional results suggested that the rural population increased with a usual annual growth rate of 5.56 per cent. The gender-wise break-up of Karachi’s total people is 8.439m male, 7.610m female, and 1,497 transgender. Of the 1.14m rural population, there are 606,588 males, 534,499 females and 82 transgender. The urban population comprises of 7.83m males, 7.07m females and 1,415 transgender.

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