Introduce Punjab Police Now Access Data with “Punjab Police Toolkit”

Jiddat Web Desk ,Feb 22,2018 ::Introduce Punjab Police Now Access Data with “Punjab Police Toolkit”Recently after the introduction of the QR-based parking technology by the Federal capital police, there is another digital launch for the police of the entire province of Punjab. There is a new investigation mobile application developed to allow the investigating officers to get and verify the data and that too in real-time.The Android app is created by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) and is tilted as the “Punjab Police ToolKit”.The app could only be accessed by the authorized police officers. Via the “Toolkit”, the police officers could access the police-related data just by using their smartphones.As mentioned the time taken for getting the information from this system is just a few seconds.The police officers have been given the training on the proper and accurate use of the “Punjab Police Toolkit” so that the app could be used exactly in the way it is meant to be used without any kind of problems or whatsoever.On the server side of the app, a log data is being maintained and managed. It contains all the record of activities that are done within the system. The app is provided with a monitoring feature too, and so it monitors all the user requests. Additionally, via the monitoring feature, the statistics of the police officers and the number of vehicles they investigate could be checked. It could also provide the details on daily performance and much more.By using the dashboard, the monitor would make the officers with good statistics prominent. This feature could also encourage the police officers to perform better for getting higher stats when the app is checked next.As per reports, the project has already provided a lot of benefits to the police department. The application has helped in retrieving the stolen automobiles. And also, it has made its contribution in the arrest of many suspicious people.Another most significant feature of the Toolkit is that it is linked with an integrated database, which connects all thirty-six districts of the province Punjab.The application offers quick access to ten basic data sources which are:

  1. Wanted Persons
  2. FIR
  3. Phone Number
  4. Stolen Vehicle
  5. Computerized National Identity Card Number (CNIC)
  6. Guarantor
  7. Criminal Record
  8. Driving License
  9. Citizen Profile
  10. Vehicle Ownership

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