In Skardu, Coca Cola conducts media study with UNDP and MGPO

Jiddat Web Desk ::Cola-Cola has collaborated with United Nations Development Fund (UNDP) and Mountain and Glacier Protection Organization (MGPO) to conduct media study at Food and Water Security Project site in Skardu, Gilgit Baltistan on Wednesday.  The MGPO works collaboratively as an implementing partner for all the development projects and the organization has its roots in this region for the last 18 years, a spokesperson MGPO said.

All the projects in the region are either need-based or demand-driven focused on strengthening and improving the adaptive capacity of the beneficiary community to subsist with the impact of climate change slay poverty and show greater pliability.

The safe drinking water supply project in village Gole Tassu in District Skardu has restocked around 37.9 million liters of water back to the community, another irrigation project in District Ghanche has refilled 5.05 billion liters of water back to nature as well as the community.

The media visit was organized with objectives to impart knowledge among journalists to see the progress and project deliverables, talk to the community and collect their views about the ongoing efforts. The project worth $36,000 has replenished more than 2 billion liters of water back to several communities since 2016, the project is currently in phase 3 and its funded by Coca-Cola Foundation.

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