How to increase PTCL Internet Speed?

Jiddat Web Desk,Feb 28,2018 ::PTCL is the leading and highly popular broadband internet provider in Pakistan. In Pakistan, PTCL has approx. 76% internet market share. In almost 1000 cities and towns all over Pakistan, PTCL has over 730,000 Broadband users.The PTCL Speed in Pakistan is different at different times and in different areas. Thus to measure the speed of your PTCL there is a very simple method to use PTCL Speed Test.

How to use PTCL Speed Test?

In order to use PTCL Speed Test, first, you need to have an internet connection

Then visit this website

There will be a tool that will automatically test your internet speed

An option will be available to test and compare internet speed on

Here is the link

Download and upload speed will be separately shown here.

It is pertinent to mention here that your internet speed will be measured in Megabits (Mbit / s) or kilobits per second (kbit / s). The more the rate, the better will be your internet connection.

On you can check internet speed of PTCL, Wi-tribe, DSL, Qubee and other mobile networks.

How to Increase PTCL Speed?

Check Broadband Splitter and Router

If your PTCL Speed is not working properly do check the broadband splitter where phone and broadband line is inserted. Two check the router. If you have an old router or splitter do change it, it will improve your internet speed surely.

Resolve Wire Breakage Issues

As PTCL connection depends upon telephone cable for transmission of data, do make sure that the wire has no breakages which might be causing slow internet. Also, you need to make sure that your PTCL internet is coming from the closest distribution point. If not resolve this problem.

Get a better PTCL data package

The more devices connected simultaneously with one connection, the more the speed will get slower. Get a better PTCL data package or minimize the devices connected to one package.

Restart the PTCL connection

This is the most used and known method to normalize your PTCL speed. Restart the router, turn it off and on again, let the connection get refreshed and enjoy a speedy PTCL internet.

Resolve Ethernet Cable issues

Is your cable too old? Or is the wire too much twisted or maybe broken from somewhere? This can cause slow internet speed. Check it and change the Ethernet cable if there is an issue. CAT 5 or CAT 5e cable are better quality Ethernet cables.

Call PTCL Helpline

1218 is the most popular number in Pakistan. Yes, it is the number to call and complain about any PTCL related issues. If your PTCL is very slow call them, within 48 hours they will send their representative to check the issue and solve it.

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