Heart Stent Would Be Decreasing From Rupees 0.3 million to rupees 0.1 million.

Jiddat Web Desk ,Feb 26,2018 ::During the hearing session of the substandard heart stents case, a committee comprising of senior doctors submitted a report to the Supreme Court (SC) saying that the price of the placement of a heart stent would be decreasing from rupees 0.3 million to rupees 0.1 million.As per reports, a three-member bench, led by the Chief Justice (CJP)—Mian Saqib Nisar heard the case of the substandard heart stents. The committee of senior doctors was formed on the instructions of the court. The committee submitted its report.Dr Azhar Kiyani told the court that the price of placing a stent in the heart would be rupees 0.1 million. The Chief Justice praised the reduction in price to rupees 0.1 million and further added that the report is good news for him. However, he also indicated that the reduced price is also high, and many citizens cannot afford this price. The court directed that the report submitted by the committee must be forwarded to the Drug Regulatory Authority Pakistan, the national health authorities and the information ministers of the different provinces.Additionally, the court also instructed that all the institutions are to give their suggestions on the stent committee report within ten days’ time. The hearing of the case has been suspended till then. Back in January last year, the Chief Justice took notice of some reports submitted that few hospitals in Lahore were either charging patients up to rupees one lac eighty thousand for each stent or suggesting the stents even when they are not needed. The actual price of the stent is not more than a few thousand rupees.The reports also mentioned that in a lot of cases, stents were not even implanted in patients, but the hospitals still made them pay for fake angioplasties.

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