Gourmet’ is launching its own TV Channel.

Jiddat Web Desk ::Gourmet, the highly popular and one of the largest bakery chains in Pakistan is ready to launch its very own TV channel.  The COO Chief Operating Officer of the channel will be Amir Mir brother of Hamid Mir and the Deputy Editor and Editor Investigations at The News International.

A company official said that the name of the new channel has not been decided. Currently, they are working on four various proposals and will finalize the name soon. Also, the launch date has been not finalized either as per the official.

Gourmet has never been focused in one direction. The 27 years old bakery company, has invested in different businesses and sectors from catering to magazine publication, furnishing, and pharmacies. In 2015 the company also acquired 12% stake in Silk Bank.

A renowned figure said, “More often than not, people entering the media industry and setting up TV channels in the country also have other business interests which they seek to protect through these establishments. In Pakistan, people are generally afraid of taking action or talking against TV channel owners.”

That is true for instance Dunya News owner Mian Amer Mahmood is also the owner of Punjab Group of Colleges. Similarly, CEO Express Media Group Sultan Ali Lakhani is also an owner of Lakson Group.Now let’s see will it or will it not work for Gourmet as it looks to diversify its business.

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