DoAM gets 1,000 unique artifacts // #DoAM

ISLAMABAD, Oct 29: Department of Archaeology and Museums (DoAM) has added 1,000 artifacts, recovered by Customs Staff at the Islamabad Airport, to its artifacts’ collection including a unique bowl and a ram-shaped object made of 19 Tola gold which would be housed in the Islamabad Museum.  “These artifacts belonging to Buddhist, Greek and Mughal period were recovered by Customs officials and handed over to the relevant department of DoAM after fulfilling all legal requirements and now the number of recovered artifacts in Islamabad has reached up to 12,000” revealed by Director (Archaeology), DoAM, Abdul Azeem .Talking to APP on Thursday, Abdul Azeem said customs officials have saved these artifacts from smuggling to different countries including Italy, Thailand, Germany and Japan and these include stone made sculptures, clay utensils, coins and other items. He said the bowl is open-mouthed of 16.5 cm diameter and 5.7 cm depth with flat base interior. The bowl is decorated with embossed figures of winged lions and acanthus leaves alternatively.The bowl has bearded human head with long curly hair in its center and head rests on four round shaped objects. He said it seems that the human shape carved on the bowl is of `Dionysus’, king of wine in ancient Greek mythology while wine bottles, leaves of grapes and lion are carved on the bowl also represents its connection with King Dionysus.He said the same bowl was earlier found during the construction of Serena Hotel more than three decades ago and housed in Taxila Museum. About another unique ram-figure object, he said the length of the ram object with curved horns and diagonally cut ears is 7.00 cm in length and 4.00 cm in height. The body of the ram is hollow inside while legs are of solid gold.Abdul Azeem said the function of DoAM was limited to just federal capital after 18thAmendment of the Constitution and 12,000 artifacts in our department’ possessions were recovered at Islamabad Airport.He said the artifacts recovered are handed over to DoAM after following a legal procedure with involvement of Law enforcement agencies, custom officials, Anti Narcotics Force and other relevant departments. Abdul Azeem said these artifacts will be displayed in our upcoming week-long exhibition on National Heritage of Pakistan which will be attended by archaeologists, researchers, students and policy makers.The exhibition is likely to be held in the end of November or start of December as a part of ongoing 70th Independence Day celebrations.

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