Dewan has launched New 2018 Shehzore Pickup

Jiddat Web Desk , Feb 26,2018 ::Dewan has launched new Shehzore 1-ton pickup at the Mohatta Palace Museum Karachi, marking its return in the vehicle production market.In the last decade, Shehzore was a famous commercial vehicle. In between 1996-2004, the third generation of Hyundai Porter or H100 was produced globally. Then now finally Shehzore is back with the fourth generation Porter. The pickup will have same Hyundai engine and will be quite similar to Hyundai H100.The diesel engine of the vehicle is 2.6 liter. It comes with air-conditioning, stereo, power windows, power steering and much more.The price of new 2018 Shehzore pickup in not announced yet. The expected price of the pickup is around PKR 17.5 to 18.5 lac.Under the Brownfield Category from Engineering Development Board (EDB) Dewan has received approval to start vehicle production in Pakistan. Similarly, Ghandhara Nissan is also returning to Pakistan, and the Board of Investment (BOI) and the Engineering Development Board (EDB) have decided to treat Nissan’s plan as a Brownfield investment as well. Brownfield investment means that Ghandhara Nissan will import auto part at cheap rates of customs duty for a timeframe of three years.After the Shehzore pickup is launched the company is ready to introduce Sports Utility Vehicle and passenger cars for the people. The return of Dewan Motors in Pakistan is in collaboration with and Laos-based Kolao Group, the agreement is with Daehan-Dewan Motor Company Private Limited.As Dewan’s Shehzore pickup is returning after a decade, so is Vespa. Yes, the Italian leading automaker is returning to Pakistan by launching new Vespa Scooter on 2nd March. Vespa is a known company around the world. There was a time when Vespa bikes were all over the roads in Pakistan but then there was a break. Now it seems Vespa is ready to re-enter Pakistan’s market with a boom as is Dewan.

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