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“Coronary Artery Disease” the leading cause of death in the world

HYDERABAD, Nov 25 :Eminent Cardiologist and former president Pakistan Cardiac Society, Professor Shahrayr A. Sheikh has said that coronary artery disease is the commonest cause of heart ailment and the most important and leading cause of death among men and women in the world. He was addressing the inaugural session of the “Annual Cardio Conference-2017” as a chief guest on Friday night here at a local hotel, which was organized by Pakistan Cardiac Society (PCS). The purpose of the cardio conference is to enhance awareness regarding prevention, early diagnosis, appropriate management and update treatment strategies in the field of Cardiology. Professor Shahryar Shaikh said that cardiovascular diseases were becoming more common in Pakistan and there was a need to adopt healthy lifestyle, conduct healthy exercises and take healthy foods so as to avoid cardiovascular diseases. He further elaborated that the number of cardio patients was increasing day by day and most worryingly, the younger generation too is falling prey to this ailment. There is need to bring minimal efforts towards improving our lifestyle. He said smokers were thrice at a higher risk of having a heart attack than non-smokers. Smoking increases the heart attack rate and blood pressure, and expedites narrowing of the arteries while 50 percent smokers who continue to smoke, eventually die of it, he warned. Professor Shahrayr blamed the modern society for promoting a culture where physical inactivity, unhealthy dietary habits, increased obesity, and stress are the order of the day. Advising against Atkins, he recommended the consumption of a balanced diet containing all constituents such as fats, proteins and vitamins. The Quran advises people to eat and drink, not in excess, but in moderation, and not to waste,he added. Dr. Shahryar A.Shaikh appreciated efforts of Professor Feroz Memon and his team who had organized a three day annual informative Cardio Conference, scientific sessions & workshops.

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