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“Mein aur meri gari ka sheesha akser yeh batein kertay hain” Atif Aslam

Web Desk ::According to details, Pakistani singer Atif Aslam said in a video on social media that he and his car mirror are talking to each other. He wrote in the caption, “Mein aur meri gari ka sheesha akser yeh batein kertay hain” In this video, the songs playing in Atif Aslam’s car can also be heard.

“I’m so grateful to the Senate for my confirmation. Lina khan said on Twitter,

Web desk ::US President Joe Biden has nominated American-Pakistani Lina Khan to head the Federal Trade Commission.According to American media, American Pakistani Lina Khan has been criticizing big technology companies including Amazon.The US Senate has approved the appointment of Lina Khan as FTC commissioner. I’m so grateful to the Senate for my confirmation. Congress created the FTC to safeguard fair competition and protect consumers, workers, and honest businesses from unfair & deceptive practices. I look forward to upholding this mission with vigor and serving the American public. — Lina Khan (@linamkhan) June 15, 2021

The next step for wearables could be illness ‘warning lights’

Web Desk  ::The CEO of Oura, Harpreet Rai, a smart ring firm, frequently recounts a March 2020 Facebook post. The device told an Oura ring owner that his overall health score had dropped below normal, prompting him to get tested for COVID-19, which he did, and the test came back positive. Other users also spoke to the company. The reports encourage Oura to team up with the researchers to find out how accurate the ring was at predicting ‘who will get COVID-19.’ Their research was part of a growing interest in wearable devices as sickness detectors over the last year. Now that

Nokia X20 And Nokia X10 Launched In Pakistan With Speedy 5G

Web Desk :: NowThe all-new Nokia X-series, featuring Nokia X20 and Nokia X10, just launched in Pakistan with speedy 5G and a promise of three years of software upgrades. Nokia X10 Nokia X10 features a standard Nokia build — donut-style camera housing and thick bezel with Nokia’s branding stamped on it.The new smartphone has a 6.67” IPS LCD with a Full HD resolution but a high touch sampling refresh rate is not to be found here.The X10 is toughened with Gorilla Glass 3. The on-screen camera is 8MP. The frame is plastic and contains a side-facing thumbprint reader, a dedicated button

Twitter May Allow You To ‘Unmention’ Yourself From Tweets

Web Desk ::Twitter is looking at a new technique to prevent the kind of “unwanted attention” that frequently leads to harassment. The company is developing tools that, if released, would allow users to restrict others from discussing them without the use of a block or mute button.The features, described as “early concepts” by Twitter product designer Dominic Camozzi. This would allow users to “unmention themselves”. It also helps them regulate ‘who can tag them in future tweets.’ Unmention yourself I want to make it easier to untag yourself from a Tweet or conversation you don't want to be involved in. Just pick

Ayeza Khan shared some beautiful photos of her photo shoot For Eid-Al-Adha With This New Ensemble

Web Desk ::Actress of the Pakistani showbiz industry Ayeza Khan has opted to wear an attired which is of a new beautiful design for Eid al-Adha or for formal gatherings.   Everybody’s favorite actress of the #Pakistani showbiz industry #AyezaKhan has opted to wear an attired which is of a new beautiful design for #EidalAdha or for formal gatherings.#EmayabyHina #EmayabyHinaxAyezaKhan#AyezaKhan — MonthlyAndazeJahan (jiddat group of publications) (@e_monthly) June 14, 2021

Microsoft Introduces The Xbox Series X Mini Fridge ‘Meme A Reality’

Web Desk :: ::The Xbox Series X-shaped mini-fridge, which was once a viral internet meme, is now a reality. Microsoft said at the conclusion of its E3 2021 showcase on Sunday that it would be selling “the world’s most powerful mini-fridge” this holiday season. OK… here goes. Help us win this and we'll BRING BACK LIME SKITTLES! Yup, you read that right. Not an April Fools joke. Not clickbait. #Vote4SKITTLES now at — SKITTLES (@Skittles) April 1, 2021 Ok…here goes. Help @Xbox win this and we’ll put into production this year REAL XBOX SERIES X MINI FRIDGES! Yep, you read

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