Brings Free Baggage Allowance Emirates Dubai-Pakistan Flights

Jiddat Web Desk , Feb 28, 2018 ::The world’s most famous and one of the best airlines—Emirates has introduced the offer of free baggage allowance to selected destinations when flying from Dubai to any of the nations under the offered promotion. The countries covered under the promotion includes Pakistan, India and Philippines. The promotion of free baggage allowance permits one to carry an extra twenty kilos of checked baggage to the customers travelling to Pakistan or the Philippines or India from Dubai.The website of the Gulf-based airline has listed the destinations where the customers could get an extra checked baggage allowance. Some of the destinations present on the provided list include the cities of Pakistan, like—Multan, Sialkot and Karachi. While the list of Indian cities includes—Chennai, Kochi, Thiruvananthapuram and Mumbai. And lastly, the cities of Philippines included are Cebu, Clark and Manila.Passengers travelling to these cities from Dubai could get an extra baggage allowance of ten kilograms.The passengers flying from Manila— the Philippines to Dubai could get an extra fifteen kilogram for a total of forty-five-kilogram baggage allowance.The offer of extra baggage allowance is pretty amazing and wide-spread as on some particular days, the passengers could even get a total baggage of fifty kilograms.Travellers flying to Colombo, Sri Lanka could fly with a baggage of up to fifty kilograms provided that the baggage is completely checked. This offer could be availed on every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday until the 31st of March 2018.While travelling the biggest concern for many is about the baggage that one would be allowed to carry. Everybody wants to make sure that all the needed stuff is packed for the trip. For the ones heading back home on vacations or final exits, the need of baggage allowance also increases as they not only have to pack stuff for themselves but also, they carry gifts and stuff for family and friends. In those instances, the baggage allowance of thirty kilograms appears too little.This offer by the Emirates airline is sort of beneficial for the ones who are intending to travel soon and have a lot of stuff to carry along.

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