Bans the Sale, Purchase, Display of Toy Guns and Pistols,Sindh Govt

Jiddat Web Desk,Feb 24,2018 ::  The government of Sindh has placed a ban on the making, selling, buying, usage and display of toy pistols and guns. The ban was imposed on Friday. As per the notice issued by the home department, the ban would be applied across the entire province of Sindh.The verdict came after a letter drafted by the Rangers and was sent to the home department. The letter reports that the use of toy pistols and guns for criminal activities has been a routine thing in Karachi and other districts of the Sindh province.The letter further wrote that the use of toy guns by children leads to serious injuries and impacts negatively on young minds.The letter reported that keeping in mind the possibility of the use and effectiveness of the fake weapons for street crimes, the Pakistan Rangers strongly suggest that a ban on the sale and purchase of all kinds of dummy/fake toy guns to be implied completely.This decision by the Sindh government is a good one—not only would this help in improving the overall city crime situation but also would lessen the exposure young minds get in early years of their lives to such weapons.

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