Around400 Million People will make Pilgrimage in China

Jiddat Web Desk , Feb 13, 2018 ::Yes, 400 million, which is more than the populations of the USA. Millions of Chinese will go on the train to offer their yearly pilgrimage for the Lunar New Year holiday. China has the biggest bullet train network in the world. Furthermore, it is expanding its railways by 18% in next couple of years. Then its railway system will reach 150,000 kilometers or 93,000 miles. This will be really advantageous as people will need these trains & advanced train system to commute easily.In the festival also known as the Spring Festival, Chinese factories & offices will close as a long week holiday will be given to people. Furthermore, this is the time of year in China where the world witnesses the biggest migration of humans on Earth. Around 1.4 billion Chinese will come back to their hometown & enjoy family events & gatherings.With the start of discounts flights, many people are attracted to travel by rail in different parts of the world. In 2017 10.96 million people visited China for the Spring Festival. It was a record set as for the first time so many people traveled by bullet train rather than the traditional ones.China wants to further expand its high-speed rail system by adding 8 main lines going from east to west till 2030.Sun Zhang, a railway expert at Tongji University in Shanghai said,“These lines provide ample capacity during peak travel periods such as the Lunar New Year and in other times can stimulate growth in tourism and other businesses in the service sector in western China. High-speed rail will help to bridge economic imbalances between China’s east and west.”Many people will use bullet train to visit their hometowns including Chen Gaozhi who is a businessman in Xi’an. He will travel to his hometown in Sichuan via bullet train. He said,  “I’ve always flown back home during the Lunar New Year over the past 10 years, but 70 to 80 percent of the time the flights would get delayed. The worst experience was four years ago when I had a flight back to Xi’an after the New Year scheduled at six in the afternoon, but the plane didn’t take off until midnight.”So now traveling has become easier because of bullet trains & it is estimated that almost 400 million Chinese will make the pilgrimage to their hometowns this year.

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