Pic shows: The mother and her son.....An iPhone owner was horrified to find that she would have to wait over 47 years to use it after her toddler repeatedly put in the wrong passcode.....The mum identified only by her surname Lu saw on her phone screen that it was locked for 25,114,984 minutes ⿿ nearly 48 years.....The woman from Shanghai on China⿿s east coast says she took her eye off her phone and her son aged two long enough for the lad to keep putting in the wrong passcode.....It was not clear how many times the boy typed in the wrong numbers. Apple⿿s iPhones can be set to lock out anyone trying to use them if a wrong passcode is entered, with the lockout period increasing every time.....Mrs Lu told Chinese media: "I can⿿t wait for more than 40 years," Lu said. "In 40 years I probably won⿿t be able to talk. Although I⿿ll probably joke to my grandchildren ⿿this is your dad⿿s fault.'"....She has considered rebooting the phone but does not want to as it would mean losing all her pictures, contacts and other files.....One tech expert told Chinese media that eventually the phone would pick a random amount of time to lock itself.....It was not clear whether Mrs Lu's phone has been "jailbroken" (had Apple⿿s software restrictions removed).....The unnamed expert said it was technically possible for an iPhone to be locked for up to 80 years.....He said of Mrs Lu⿿s wish to access her phone before the current scheduled date of 2065: "There is no way to solve it unless she resets the system. All the files cannot be transferred either."....Some such problems may be able to be solved by connecting the device to Apple⿿s iTunes service via another computer but Mrs Lu may not have this option for unreported reasons.....(ends)

A two years old Chinese boy locked his mother’s iPhone for almost 47 years.

Jiddat Web Desk ,March 8.2018 ::A two years old Chinese boy locked his mother’s iPhone for almost 47 years. The minor was playing with the iPhone and repeatedly entered the wrong password, Chinese media.Lu, the mother of the boy returned home and found that her iPhone has been locked for 25 million minutes after entering the wrong passcode repeatedly when the phone requested the passcode be entered.The phone got disabled for a certain time period, each time the boy entered the wrong password, according to the report by South China Morning Post citing Kankanews.com, a news website.An official representative at an Apple store in Shanghai told Mrs. Lu that either wait for the years and enter the correct password to unlock the phone or wipe the contents of the iPhone clean and then reinstall all files again.“In this scenario, the only way out (without waiting 47 years) is to do a factory reset and erase all the data from the iPhone,” the technician at Apple store, Wei Chunlong said.“We already witnessed a number of cases, in which the phones have been locked for over 80 years by the same method,” Chunlong added.


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