September 18, 2017

Karandaaz Providing Grant for Digitization of National Savings

Karachi: Jiddat Web Desk : Karandaaz Pakistan, an initiative to support financial inclusion and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) is providing a grant of USD 2.3 million to a digitization project of the
Central Directorate of National Savings (National Savings). Through this digitization project, CDNS will
provide alternate delivery channels (ATM Cards, Internet and Mobile Banking) for the customers of
National Savings.
National Savings is an attached department of the Ministry of Finance, responsible for the distribution of
government sponsored saving schemes for individual savers through its 376 branches across Pakistan.
The envisaged digitization project will bring down the cost of serving more than 7.7 million account and
certificate holders, out of which more than 38% are the individual investments of less than PKR.100,000,
and help expand National Savings consumer base further, particularly women which already are more
than half of the customer-base. It will also help in linking a significant chunk of account and certificate
holders to micro payment gateways, providing ease for on-boarding new customers, and setting up an
established successful model of digitization making account opening and operations simplified and made
available through multiple channels. The overall customer service will become more convenient enabling
National Savings to attract more savers and leverage its unique offering of attractive rate of returns and
unique products, prompting greater financial inclusion.
Director General National Savings, Mr. Zafar Masud acknowledged Karandaaz Pakistan’s support and
said, “This partnership will help National Savings increase its reach and remove access barriers for the
existing and potential account and certificate holders by adopting technology and creating a meaningful
impact for its customers.”
Karandaaz Pakistan CEO Mr. Ali Sarfraz stressed the need for centralization of banking data and
reducing the response time for customers of a service such as National Savings that mainly serves small
savers. “The digitization of National Savings will help in introduction of digital channels for the customers
like bio-metric verification for account opening and cash withdrawals. It will also open up possibilities of
linking with other partners such as Pakistan Post and NIFT to expand financial inclusion and graduate
small savers to other financial services. The customers can be provided digital transactional accounts and
account opening process will become simpler. This is crucial since National Savings facilitates majority of
bottom of the pyramid, and financially-excluded population,” he said.
Karandaaz Pakistan has financial and institutional support from leading international development finance
institutions; principally the United Kingdom Department for International Development (DFID) and the Bill
& Melinda Gates Foundation.

September 18, 2017

Pak-Iran cooperation in media to strengthen mutual ties: Iranian Delegation

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 : The cooperation between Pakistani and
Irani media can play a significant role in bringing the people of two countries closer and help to understand each other in a better way, visiting five- number media delegation from Iran said.
The delegation from different Iranian newspapers is on a week-long
visit to Pakistan on the invitation of the Institute of Strategic Studies,
Islamabad (ISSI) and would visit Gwadar, Quetta, Gilgit and China border
during their stay.
The delegation included Morteza Naghikhani from Kayhan
International, Mohammad Reza Abesh Ahmadlou from Iran Daily,
Afshin Majlesi from Tehran Times, Banafsheh Emaeili Hafshejani from
Mehr News Agency and Nadir Mazouji from Daily Etalaat.
During a visit to Associated Press of Pakistan Corporation (APPC)
Monday, they discussed opportunities of cooperation between Pakistani and
Irani media, journalists exchange programmes and training courses.
The delegation took keen interest in knowing about the working,
objectives and achievements of the APPC and the way, the premier news
agency of the country, is contributing to disseminate the credible news among the readers.
Executive Director, APPC, Sohail Ali Khan, briefed the delegation
about the objectives, performance and future projects of the news agency and
said, the news agency is responsible to distribute authentic and credible news among the readers and news is only released when it is confirmed through reliable sources.
He said the news agency is playing pivotal role in promoting soft
image of the country through projecting developmental stories, prioritizing the national interest.
Listing some future initiatives, the Executive Director said, the news
agency is synchronizing with the recent developments in modern technology
and focusing on the projects of E-Magazine, Web TV and upgrading its
website as per latest requirements.
He said Pakistan and Iran are enjoying historical and traditional
relations which can be further strengthened through joint ventures in the
field of media.
APP, Director News, Muhammad Qamarullah Chaudhry, Director
Coordination, Muhammad Akram Malik, Director Information Technology,
Ghawas Khan and other officials were present in the meeting.

September 18, 2017

JazzCash And Pakistan Railways To Facilitate Customers With Online Ticket Fee Payments

Lahore: Jiddat Web Desk, JazzCash and Pakistan Railways recently signed an agreement to facilitate the payment of online ticket fees across the country. Customers can now book their tickets online through the Pakistan Railways website or Pakistan Railways Mobile App, after which they would be able topay for their booked e-tickets via JazzCash Mobile Accounts, JazzCash agents or debit/credit card of any bank.

The solution will also revamp the online ticket fees financial reporting and reconciliation mechanism at Pakistan Railways. This service has been integrated with JazzCash mobile application and web based interface to allow user to pay from the comfort of their homes.

Speaking on the occasion, Khawaja SaadRafique, Federal Minister for Pakistan Railways said,“Pakistan Railways has experienced an unprecedented turnaround in last four years and we have realized that the organization can grow only if it keeps itself abreast with the new technologies of the world. By uplifting Pakistan Railways we have been able to attract 20 million more passengers, to further facilitate them we have opted for IT solutions. We have not only introduced e-ticketing but are also making it hassle free for our passengers. It is due to the success of the present e-ticketing system that leading financial agents in market have shown interest in becoming the business partner of Pakistan Railways. Today joining hands with JazzCash in digitized payment mode is an important milestone of our journey to success and goal to facilitate our valued customers. We are committed to convert Pakistan Railways into one of the best transportation networks in the region.”

JazzCash is committed towards digitizing Public to Government Payments. This solution has been designed to facilitate people travelling by railway, so they no longer have to stand in long queues to purchase tickets. Convenience has become a necessity in this digital era, and JazzCash is taking the lead in ensuring not only our customers, but the entire nation experiences the ease technology offers,” said Aamir Ibrahim, CEO – Jazz.

Speaking on the occasion, Aniqa Afzal Sandhu, Chief Digital and Financial Services Officer – Jazz, said, “As a leading digital company, our customer’s financial services needs take top priority and we continue to strive hard in providing them with the best services. JazzCash remains committed to the digitization of financial services and facilities like these further enhance our digital payments network.”

Previously, JazzCash has digitized Directorate General Immigration and Passport, KPK Higher Education Department, Sindh Police for Passport Fees Payment, Students College Admission Processing Fees Payment, Driving License Fee Collection and Pakistan Railway will be another addition to JazzCash’s portfolio.

September 18, 2017

Imran presented fake documents at ECP; claims Akbar S Babar

ISLAMABAD Sept 18 : Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf founder
member Akbar S Babar on Monday termed accounts details presented by
Imran Khan to the Election Commission as fake and challenged to
contest the information revealed in these documents.
Talking to media outside the ECP, he said, he had asked the
ECP if it were the same documents presented to the Supreme Court, if
so then `our opinion’ may also be considered prior to issuing the
“There is no bank statement. There is no money trail. If these
are the same documents, then these are fake documents. There was no
detail in documents presented to Supreme Court about transactions
from London and Dubai made through `Hundi’ for PTI,” he claimed.
Babar also named couple of people who have been sending money
for Imran khan through illegal means while some donations coming
from United States in the name of Shaukat Khanam were also used for
party expenses.
“Out of 688 pages statement, 628 pages simply carry names of
persons who donated money but without any bank statement or money
trail,” he added.
Babar said he had already provided some proofs to Election
Commission and would submit more to negate the claims of PTI
regarding accounts statement. “I shall not let Imran Khan run away
with illegal foreign funding. He had collected money through illegal
means and would be exposed.”
He said Imran Khan has hypocritical approach as he expresses
no confidence in Election Commission but the same time he desires
scrutiny of other parties’ accounts as well.
Mentioning to NA-120 election, he said Imran khan had asked
voters to vote for new Pakistan but voters opted for the old
Pakistan because by having corrupt people in his party ranks one
cannot create new Pakistan. “Voters have come to know that Imran
Khan had failed to create new KPK and situation in the province had
worsened during PTI’s tenure. Therefore, they rejected Imran Khan’s
He said people have started losing confidence in Imran for his
dual character and they desire not to be cheated any more in the
name of New Pakistan or Corruption. “Everybody knows that Imran Khan
stopped accountability process in KP. Therefore, people cannot rely
on a person who backs out from his commitment.”


September 18, 2017

Pakistani-American students win prestigious Hult Prize challenge

ISLAMABAD, Sep 18 ): Four Pakistani-American students
have made Pakistan proud by winning the prestigious Hult Prize
challenge and a $1 million award in seed capital.
According to private news channel , Rutgers University graduates
Hanaa Lakhani, Moneed Mian, Hasan Usmani, as well as CEO Gia
Farooqi, are one step closer to turning their idea for tackling
the global refugee crisis into reality with Roshni Rides – a
transportation network to empower refugees overseas.
The Hult Prize Foundation, a nonprofit organization for
social enterprise, last year presented students with its eighth
annual goal-oriented contest to develop a startup venture to
restore the rights and dignity of one million refugees by 2022.
After several stages of competition, six finalists including
Team Roshni Rides were selected from more than 50,000 applicants
from over 100 countries.
The business model is a formalized rickshaw shuttle service
that aims to offer fixed, affordable commuting prices to urbanized
refugees in South Asia, where transportation options are often
Easily accessible local travel will help refugees in having
easier access to education and employment opportunities, the team
members said.Former President Bill Clinton, a key Hult Prize partner,
declared Roshni Rides the winner of this year’s challenge. “This
is a private solution to a public problem that will have a big
impact,” he said. All four team members plan to relocate to southern Pakistan,so they can use their award money to bring their business idea to
life. They intend to return to Orangi Town, where they conducted
field research over the summer.