August 21, 2018

Mac is set up to discharge a lower-cost MacBook and high performing

Jiddat Web Desk ::Mac is set up to discharge a lower-cost MacBook and high performing Mac mini not long from now, sources told Bloomberg. Given how troubling Mac deals were last quarter (13 percent more awful than a similar period in 2017), these new forms could revive product offerings that have been generally stale in the course of the most recent couple of years.  While there aren’t an excessive number of points of interest, the additional highlights incorporate some that shoppers have been needing for a considerable length of time.

The minimal effort PC will look to some degree like the current MacBook Air yet with more slender bezels encompassing the screen – which will, finally, be a Retina display. The Air series turned into the last product offering that Apple hadn’t updated with the more honed screen, which it purportedly did to minimize expenses and maintain a strategic distance from battery drain.

The Mac mini has been expected for an overhaul, as it was last updated around four years prior. The new form is intended for experts with new capacity and processor choices, however, that will probably make it more costly than past adaptations, per Bloomberg’s sources.

While these corrections could help sell more units from these failing to meet expectations product lines, the organization isn’t evading its successes: Apple is wanting to reveal three new iPhones, Apple Watches with bigger screens and new iPad professionals amid its typical October declaration season, as indicated by Bloomberg.

August 21, 2018

Pakistan International Airlines Chief Operating Officer was recently sacked.

Jiddat Web Desk ::Pakistan International Airlines Chief Operating Officer was recently sacked. Zia Qader Qureshi termed his employment termination as “illegal and without due process”. He has demanded that his phone and all his official correspondence must be restored.  Mr. Qureshi has written a letter to the PIA’s Human Resources Chief Asma Bajwa who issued his termination letter. In the letter, Mr. Qureshi said, you (Ms. Bajwa) and PIA Chief Executive Officer Musharraf Rasool Cyan have acted with gross negligence and mala fide intention in terminating my employment contract

He further added that his access to his computer and email has been cut. Thus he is not able to collect any evidence to prove that his contract has not ended and he has been fired illegally. As he is unable to access his official email he can not give any information to the National Accountability Bureau and to the auditors who are looking into the matter.

On August 17th PIA terminated Mr Qureshi’s contract claiming that he has not met the objectives for which he was hired thus his contract has been terminated. PIA said that Qureshi didn’t attend any meetings that were held to evaluate his performance. Mr. Qureshi, however, said that he was sick, due to which he couldn’t the meetings. He claimed that his performance was outstanding and there seems to be no valid reason for PIA’s decision.

Earlier Pakistan International Airlines removed its chief financial officer (CFO) Nayyar Hayat from his post. And as per the orders of the Supreme Court on May 31st, a “high-profile audit” will be conducted.

August 21, 2018

Replica industry is threatening their business by offering the same product at an affordable cost.

Jiddat Web Desk ::Leading top brands in Pakistan are trying hard to sustain their customer base as the replica industry is threatening their business by offering the same product at an affordable cost.  

There was a time when people used to visit brands in huge numbers to get their hands on the best quality products be it clothes, shoes, jewelry, bags or watches. Now “Replicas have put back all original leading brands and grabbed away the hefty turnover, especially on the eve of different festivals”.

Today, big brands are not making and selling as many clothes and accessories as is in the past. These days the replica manufacturers are so efficient in their work that they are able to reproduce the same products with the same packaging and offer it to the customers at a lower price.

An owner of a big clothes and bags store in Saddar Rawalpindi Sheikh Rizwan said that there has been a decline in the demand for original brands items due to their ever-increasing prices. The replicas are exactly like the original items, thus people opt for them instead of the originals. As per Rizwan if an original dress is priced at Rs10,000, its copy is just available for Rs 5000.  So people will opt for the exact replica rather than spend more money on the original one.

A storekeeper Shahid Qureshi said, “Replicas were more in demand because original brands manufacturers’ restricted the number of items. Replica industry duplicated in bulks.”

A housewife Samreena said that she cannot afford an extremely expensive dress. As replicas are almost as good as originals and are affordable thus she can buy them. Similarly, a private school teacher Sadia Amjad said that she prefers replicas as they have a lower price and the appropriate fabric. She said “Master copy of replica is as good and fine as the original. I always buy the master copy because it costs me Rs1000 or Rs 2000 less than genuine brand.’However, a marketing officer Christina said that she does not buy replicas as they are not original and they are actually looting trustworthy people.


August 21, 2018

Textile exports during the month of July were recorded at $1.002 billion

Jiddat Web Desk  ::Textile exports during the month of July were recorded at $1.002 billion which fell by 0.49 percent year-on-year basis and fell by 16.09 percent Month-on-Month basis according to data revealed by National Bureau of Statistics (PBS). The textile products in Pakistan are not generating enough exports as compared to previous periods, in July 2017 total textile exports fetched $1.006 billion and in June 2018 $1.194 billion both figures were higher than the current $1.002 billion this July 2018.

Pakistan exports to different countries on the globe fell as a whole most importantly due to rising costs of the business in Pakistan. An exporter explained the falling exports in textiles and said, Pakistan’s industry heavily rely on the imported raw material to produce final products, due to Rupee decline the cost of raw material was increased amid pushing the costs of textile products further leaving the products more expensive in the global market.

However, In July, cotton yarn exports increased 7.62 percent YoY basis, hitting $117.343 million. Knitwear exports were also increased by 7.78 percent reaching $208.88 million.Bu, bedwear exports fell by 3.56 percent, recorded at $164.76 million, readymade garments plunged to $211.21 million recording 0.46 percent fall whereas cotton cloth exports were down by 9.4 percent YoY recording $144.6 million.According to analysts rupee devaluation has contributed to falling textile exports, structural concerns can decrease potential gains. Pakistan could boost the textile exports again by stabilizing Rupee against the dollar.