October 16, 2018

Pak Suzuki is launching Suzuki Alto 2019 in the first quarter of 2019.

Jiddat Web Desk ::Pak Suzuki is launching Suzuki Alto 2019 in the first quarter of 2019. The 660cc Suzuki Alto 2019 will have three variants. Two variants will be manual and one will be automatic. The high spec manual variant and the auto variant will have a power steering. The transmission is locally assembled while the engine of Suzuki Alto 2019 has been imported. According to the rumors the car will have a similar transmission as that available in Suzuki Wagon R.   It is expected that Pak Suzuki will soon announce the launch of the car. The deliveries of Suzuki Alto 2019 are expected to start by March 2019.

Pak Suzuki is discontinuing its iconic car Suzuki Mehran in first quarter of 2019. Suzuki has also asked its vendors to limit the production parts of Mehran. Thus, now the automaker needs to introduce a new car in place of Mehran. So according to the reports, Pak Suzuki is launching New Alto 2019.

Rumor is that Pak Suzuki has already produced 25 units of Alto 2019. They are manufactured for testing purpose. Also around 20 to 25 units are being assembled.The expected price of Suzuki Alto 2019 will be around PKR 8 to 10 lac. The manual variant will be around PKR 800,000 and the auto variant will be price around Rs 10 lacs.

It is pertinent to mention here that Suzuki Japan forced Suzuki Pakistan to discontinue Suzuki Mehran. It was becoming extremely expensive for the parent company to provide engine parts for the car. If there was no pressure from the parent company Suzuki Pakistan would have surely continued with Mehran. Now the company has to explore other options. Thus Pak Suzuki is launching 2019 Suzuki Alto for its customers.

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October 16, 2018

Google has announced that Cloud Chief Executive Diane Greene will not attend the Future Investment Summit in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Jiddat Web Desk ::Google has announced that Cloud Chief Executive Diane Greene will not attend the Future Investment Summit in Riyadh Saudi Arabia which is scheduled to begin October 23. 

Saudi Arabia is under pressure since Saudi Journalist Jamal Khashoggi who is a U.S resident and columnist at Washington Post and an active critic of Saudi Policies went missing, according to the reports the journalist was last seen in Saudi Consulate in Istanbul on October 2.

The U.S. president has also phoned Saudi King over the issue of the missing journalist, however, further details about the telephonic conversation are not revealed.   Google’s Cloud Chief Greene however, has not unveiled the reason for not attending the conference in Saudi Arabia, however, the critics are soldering the incident with tech firm’s decision not to send their representatives in the upcoming conference.

Uber’s Chief Executive Dara Khosrowshahi has also expressed his views and said he would not attend the conference because the company is concerned about the disappearance of Journalist Khashoggi.

Earlier Google announced that the company will collaborate with the Saudi agency to establish five brand new innovation hubs in the country to train aspiring technologies. It seems now Google is backing off what it said and planned to do earlier, whatever the reasons are Saudi Conference at the moment is under pressure and may not be able to get most out of it.

October 16, 2018

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has passed on at 65 years old.

Jiddat Web Desk ::The tech world, as Microsoft co-founder Paul Allenhas passed on at 65 years old because of complications from non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The tech pioneer had been fighting with the disease for quite a long time and got treatment for it in 2009, yet reported that it had returned on October first. He leaves behind his sister and had no children. His impact, be that as it may, will probably be felt for quite a while to come.   He’s best-known for making Microsoft alongside Bill Gates in 1975, and is acknowledged for thinking of the original name. All the more imperatively, he handled the game changing arrangement that would make Microsoft a tech monster: he drove an arrangement to purchase Tim Paterson’s Quick and Dirty Operating System in 1980, helping his organization arrive an arrangement to supply DOS for IBM’s first PCs.

He was just a full fledged employee until 1982, however he stayed on the organization board until 2000 and was requested to remain an official consultant past that.

Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen was a designer with 43 US patents under his name, and was one of the innovation world’s most conspicuous speculators. He without any assistance supported Burt Rutan’s SpaceShipOne, established the space transport organization Stratolaunch Systems and began Viulcan Aerospace to make space travel more available.Nonetheless, his absence would be greatly felt in the tech industry.

He has obtained controlling stakes in cable giant Charter and Ticketmaster, and his Vulcan Capital group has put resources into various new businesses. Not the majority of his innovation work was invited with open arms – he drew fire when Interval Licensing sued extensive parts of the tech business over supposed patent infringement for apparently essential ideas like search and pop-ups.


October 16, 2018

Honda is now working on making smarter roads.

Jiddat Web Desk ::Honda—the Japanese automaker is now working on making smarter roads. The automaker is planning towards making road intersections much safer and smarter for the people.  Ted Klaus—the vice president of the strategic research at Honda R&D Americas said that their vision of a smart intersection is the one that could have non-connecting road users—cyclists and pedestrians—work with the ones who are the connected users like cars. Digital Trendsreported Ted Klaus. In the United States of America twenty per cent of the accident fatalities happen at the intersections, Klaus informed.

The new planned technology of smart intersection works by tracking the ones who are non-connected and controlling the ones that could be controlled using technology—like vehicles, signalling systems and traffic lights that would work together for protecting the things that cannot be controlled by technology like the people walking across the street.

Jim Keller—the chief engineer of Honda R&D Americas said that that the significant part of this technology is that it has the ability to sense things that could not be seen visually, so this technology moves the company much beyond where any onboard sensor is present today.

Regarding the working of this technology, firstly assume that a car that is about to turn a red light, the intersection system would send a warning to other drivers coming towards the intersection, permitting them to virtually see around corners or other hindrances and apply brakes for avoiding any deadly collisions.  The system uses dedicated short-range communications (DSRC) for communicating with the vehicles. But the cars would need to be equipped with a special system for identifying the DSRC messages and then display warning in a car’s head-up display.