Sana Safinaz CEO Denies Rumours About Testing Positive for COVID-19

March 23, 2020 5:29 pm

The CEO of Sana Safinaz has denied rumours about testing positive for the coronavirus.

Sana Safinaz is a famous clothing brand, in recent reports, there were rumours that the CEO of the brand, Sana Hashwani has been tested positive for the coronavirus. She has provided a stern clarification denying the rumours via her brand.

The management team of the brand took it to social media for calling out the courage of the ones who spread fake information at the cost of others. They also posted the test results of Sana Hashwami with a detailed note on Instagram to prove that the claim of various blogs and social media posts about her being a COVID-19 patient is wrong.

The brand team also asked the publishing platforms to be cautious of such rumours and to confirm its validity before posting any such stuff.

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